Going for it

My business has done OK the last few years – I’m an artist, so that isn’t really saying much *LOL*…But it has stopped growing.   I have big goals that aren’t being met, artistically, wildlife conservation wise and financial.  Its time to shake shit up. I’m not waiting anymore.

For years, I’ve thought of doing a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign (crowd funding platforms). I love the concept – simply ask for the money to self publish a book, get new equipment, travel, etc.  So every few months, I start browsing one of the above websites, sure that I’m going to move forward with my own campaign. Invariably, I end up reading about someone who needs the money much more than I do. A couple of times, I’ve ended up crying all over my keyboard and donating to a cause like this one: Jasmine’s Tumor

Enter Patreon  .  What makes this different, is I’m going to offer people who love my work a great return on small amounts of money.  Patron’s will be more like subscribers. They will get new and different content than I’ve ever offered before.  I can’t wait.

Stay tuned.




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